Travel Back in Time to a World of Traditional Japanese Fashion... and Steampunk!

On Apr. 1 and 2, Laforet Museum Harajuku will be hosting Japan's biggest original Steampunk festival as it celebrates its 5th anniversary! As a "steampunk + alternative history event", Steam Garden...

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Take a whirlwind tour through the history of Japanese schoolgirl fashion

Ever wondered how quickly junior high school fashion changes in Japan?

Produced by mobile phone provider NTT Docomo, this music video a whirlwind tour of teenaged girl fashion through the ages in j...

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Naked Festival

Well, almost. And it's all men :-p

Crowds of men wearing nothing but loincloths joined a nighttime festival in western Japan, vying to catch wooden sticks said to bring good luck.

The annual "Naked...

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Tokyo home by Fujiilab comprises cluster of protruding white boxes

The staggered stack of boxes that form this family home in central Tokyo contain a set of spiralling, interconnected rooms.

The house was designed for Daisuke Ibano, a member of the team at local a...

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Pentel opens All-You-Can-Draw Rakugaki Café in Ginza

When was the last time you let loose and just drew out whatever was in your mind? Sometimes, we all need a little freedom to engage in the pure joy of expression, whether it’s a quick sketch or sim...

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Oyane Pottery Shop in Nagasaki Made from Ceramics and Kiln Shelving

Last year Saikai Toki, and Nagasaki-based ceramics company that specializes in hasami ware, decided to renovate their main shop and showroom. And in doing so, they’ve turned the entire structure in...

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Love Forever: The Genius of Kusama Yayoi

With major exhibitions opening in Japan and North America this year, 87-year-old Kusama Yayoi, known for her “obsessive” repetition of polka dots and reticulated patterns, is one of the most widely...

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Food Hub "Nest We Grow" Built Under The Supervision Of Kengo Kuma Unites The Community

A food hub that’s part garden, part kitchen, Nest We Grow’s primary purpose is to bring the community together to store, prepare and enjoy local foods in a welcoming and festive atmosphere that tou...

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Justin Bieber and Piko Taro team up to sell student mobile phone discounts

The ad featuring the two is actually part of a wider SoftBank marketing campaign for student discount plans. The other main commercial is this minute-long video in which all kinds of craziness happ...

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Hiroshima’s Mr. Kure mascot

Making his debut this month, Mr. Kure, or Kure-shi as he’s known in Japan, is the new mascot of Hiroshima Prefecture’s Kure City. And despite looking like an inspired, mom-made Halloween costume, M...

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