NTT's VR technology aims to impress at Tokyo Olympics

Suppose that tennis superstar Kei Nishikori serves to you in virtual reality, or a 3-D image of Mashu Baker, a Rio Olympic gold medalist in judo, appears like magic on a stage and powers into actio...

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This Factory Robot Learns a New Job Overnight

Inside a modest-looking office building in Tokyo lives an unusually clever industrial robot made by the Japanese company Fanuc. Give the robot a task, like picking widgets out of one box and puttin...

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With a Siri rival and a holographic girlfriend, Line makes a big AI push

Messaging app Line is set to make a big push into AI, later this year rolling out a Siri-esque voice assistant and an Amazon Alexa-style smart speaker, the Japanese company announced yesterday at M...

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Japanese scholars issue ethical guidelines on AI

NHK has learned that a group of Japanese researchers has for the first time drawn up ethical guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence.

The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, com...

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Robot Throwdown Robo-One To Be Held at Kobe's Youth Science Museum Beginning on Feb. 25

Science hasn’t quite progressed to the point where we can view large-scale mechas pummeling each other in a special colosseum...but we do have the next best thing! Misumi Group, a robot manufacturi...

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voici ce que j'ai cree

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Japan trials drones to save lives during natural disasters

With Japan's track record of natural disasters, the country is understandably always on the lookout for ways to better prepare itself.

Japan is now looking to the skies, working to develop drones t...

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Fukushima robot's camera fails, suspending operations

There is a huge problem with using robots inside the contaminated Fukushima nuclear plant. High radiation causes breakdowns in the robots' camera systems. While other parts of a robot can be covere...

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Japan goes fishing for space junk but 700-metre 'tether' fails

An experimental Japanese mission to clear space junk from the Earth’s orbit has ended in failure, officials said on Monday, in an embarrassment for Tokyo.

More than 100m pieces of rubbish are thoug...

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Tokyo transport bureau starts phone interpretation services

The Tokyo metropolitan government’s Bureau of Transportation started offering an over-the-phone interpretation service in January for foreign customers in five foreign languages at Toei Subway stat...

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