Japanese regional jet emerges as new Bombardier competitor

The first passenger plane developed in Japan in more than half a century made its debut flight Wednesday, a key step toward the country's goal of competing globally as an aircraft manufacturer. The...

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Toyota's "i-Road" is World's Most Convenient Terrifying Deathtrap

This is Toyota's i-Road, an electric vehicle the company hopes to soon make ubiquitously available for rental throughout Tokyo and Japan's other major cities. The only problem is, look at this thin...

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Vending machines that can estimate your age

Japan's vending machines sell a wide variety of goods, from obvious items such as drinks (including beer and other alcoholic beverages!), cigarettes and food, through to toys, card games, written o...

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Tokyo Anime Guide

A list of anime related sights in Tokyo.

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Hideo Nomo, Baseball Rebel With a Cause

2014 marked the 50th anniversary of Masanori Murakami’s Major League Baseball debut. Sent to the San Francisco Giants farm system for developmental purposes, Murakami sparkled when he took the moun...

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The Fabulous World of Japanese Socks!

Recently I was talking with a group of people who had all lived in Japan. The conversation turned to socks, as it does. Everyone agreed that they missed Japanese socks passionately. One person, who...

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6 Shops You Can Wear Kimono And Yukata in Asakusa

There are several places you have Kimono and Yukata worn at Asakusa. We introduce shops that you can experience to wear these, and also English is available. Enjoy wearing Kimono and Yukata, and wa...

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AFV Modeller's Extremely Prejudiced Guide to Tokyo Hobby Shops

Have a good time at Japanese hobby shops and enjoy your stay in Japan! Version 2.59 Revised on: (Since 18 January 2004) Google Crisis Response - the 2011 Japan Crisis This is a list of hobby shops ...

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jurilog.jp | masaki higuchi

Nowadays, 360-degree camera has become a topic in some gadget websites. Especially Ricoh Theta S, latest model of Theta series, realized good resolution 360° pictures and long time movies easily. I...

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Caricature Japan: Just for Laughs

Ever wondered what you would look like as a cartoon character? When you visit Shibuya's Caricature Japan, let one of the artists show you. Caricature Japan has a great atmosphere and will make you ...

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