Guide to Japanese Teas

Green tea is the main type of tea that is produced and consumed in Japan. There are many kinds of green tea produced in Japan. Japanese teas are generally classified according to their type of cult...

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Anime Art Schools in Japan

I made the experience, that young foreigners coming to Japan have a high interest in Manga (comic book art) and Anime (animated cartoons). Usually this is the first step into Japanese pop-culture a...

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15 weird Japanese toys that probably shouldn't exist

Japan is a nation with an undeniably unique culture. The art, technology, and cuisine the country produces posses certain attributes that are distinctly Japanese. That said, it's very easy to tell ...

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DARPA Robotics Challenge: Amazing Moments, Lessons Learned, and What's Next

Even though the Japanese team didn't win, it was still a very interesting event worth taking a look at.

The DARPA Robotics Challenge is over. It will certainly be remembered as one of the defining...

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Delicious Noodle Tasting Event at Shinagawa!

Are you a Japanese noodle lover?

Do you want to experience different styles and tastes of Japanese noodle varieties?

Then this is the event for YOU! This is a delicious noodle tasting event ho...

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Sleeping while Godzilla watches your slumber?

Maybe this is just what you want to wake up to in the morning – a city-destroying monster peeking through your window!

Shinjukus Hotel Gracery offers rooms with view on Godzilla, Japan’s most famo...

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The secret shops of Akihabara

Whether you're looking for electronics, hardware, anime, games, or anything remotely geeky, you'll find it in Akihabara, a bustling shopping district in Tokyo, Japan. Located just north of Tokyo St...

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Japan Keeps This Defunct Train Station Running for Just One Passenger

The train makes only two stops—one when a lone high-school student leaves for school and the other when she returns.

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Wi-Fi capable Vending Machines

Vending machines in Japan are not only common but growing in numbers rapidly. Every street corner has a vending machine, and you might be surprised by the items they sell. Most of them sell drinks,...

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Japan's Perverted Superhero Is Back

And this time, it looks like he's coming to New York. Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable. The follow up to 2013's (short for "Hentai Kamen" or "...

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