la kagu: an Old Book Warehouse in Tokyo Renovated Into a Multipurpose Space
photos by Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo courtesy kkaa | click to enlarge
the old book warehouse

The Shinchosha publishing company has maintained a warehouse in the Kagurazaka neighborhood of...

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Sculptures of Kids Made From Books to Bring Librarians Back Into Libraries
all photos courtesy Miharu Matsunaga | click to enlarge

We carry our childhood books with us to adulthood: the morals, the lessons, the values. In fact, “books shape who we are” has become a co...

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Be dazzled by Tokyo's illumination displays

Dazzling illuminations are a signature winter sight in Tokyo / Illuminations in the clear winter air of Tokyo are majestic and romantic. Walking along an avenue lined with brightly decorated trees ...

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Japanese Lacquer Ware

Japanese Craft using Lacquer Real Japanese lacquer is an organic substance made from the sap of the urushi tree (Rhus verniciflua). The sap is collected by scratching the tree and it then is refine...

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Kumu: A New Gallery in Tokyo To Showcase Craftsmanship From Around Japan

Kumu (written ??, in Japanese) means to connect or unite. And it’s the name of Noriko Konuma’s new gallery space nestled in the Bakurocho neighborhood Northeast of central Tokyo. True to their name...

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Hatsune Miku iDoll is singing, dancing mini robot

Regular readers will recall the iDoll, a mini robotic doll prototype by Hakuhodo and Yukai Engineering. In another effort to promote the prototype and expand its commercial prospects, the designers...

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You Can Get WHAT in a Vending Machine in Japan??

Vending machines in Japan often amaze foreigners, because of the range of products they offer. The saying goes "the only thing you cannot buy in a vending machine is another vending machine&qu...

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My recap of the 2016 3D printing exhibition in Tokyo - Aniwaa

This article is written by Pierre-Antoine, co-founder of Aniwaa and post-doctorate researcher at Tokyo Institute of Technology ( ) on the topic of 3D printed interfaces for virtual reality applicat...

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Your perfect Japanese holiday – Nakajima Tatemono in Tokyo

Foreigners coming to Japan think they can only find Japanese style rooms with Onsen and local, delicious Sushi shops at “really traditional places” like Kyoto. Tokyo, with it’s flashy lights and no...

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Harajuku Guide

Takeshita-dori Street, Harajuku, Tokyo Green and pleasant Harajuku is Tokyo's most established center of street fashion. While other areas rival it in terms of hip, Harajuku still reigns when it co...

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