Not game over: From Donkey Kong to Pac-Man, 'classic' videogames find new life in Akihabara

Tossed aside as outdated junk by some, old videogames such as Donkey Kong and Pac-Man are now getting a new lease of life in Tokyo's vibrant Akihabara district, as growing numbers of die-hard fans ...

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Akihabara unplugged: Tokyo's electric town falls flat

Special report Tokyo's Akihabara district may be fabled the world over as a geek wonderland and a tech writer's dream, but the reality as El Reg found out last weekend is rather different. Step out...

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Is One Piece's end in sight? Editor reveals final arc is mapped out, speculates on timetable

18 years after it first appeared in comic form, creator Eiichiro Oda's One Piece is more popular than ever. But while fans might be happy to see the Straw Hat Pirates keep sailing forever, the mang...

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Japan, Arcades & Gaming

Every time the train slows down as it approaches the station and the female voice announces 'Akihabara...Akihabara' over the speaker and the little jingle kicks in, I still get that same feeling of...

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7 Timelessly Traditional Japanese Games and Toys

Japan has many traditional children's games and toys dating back hundreds of years. Many originate from the Edo period, when Japan had relatively little contact with the outside world. The toys' si...

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Tokujin Yoshioka's Transparent Glass Teahouse Puts a Rainbow in Your Hand

The teahouse plays a central role in the Japanese tea ceremony. It is to cha-no-yu, as it is referred to in Japanese, what a museum is to art. The tea house is typically a minimal space, meant to h...

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Ochazuke in Tokyo | Tokyoing

When you feel like eating something not too heavy although you are hungry, what about "Ochazuke"? Ochazuke is one of...

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Join the world’s largest Anime Convention – Anime Japan!

Anime Japan is a Japanese anime convention which was created from the merge of The Tokyo International Anime Fair and the Anime contents Expo in 2014.

It is organized by the Anime Japan Executi...

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After 14 Years Takashi Murakami is Returning to Japan For a Large Scale Solo Show

Depending on which side of the art critique spectrum you stand on, Takashi Murakami is either a boon to contemporary Japanese art or a blight and disease that is ruining otaku culture. But say wh...

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Japan's hidden caste of untouchables - BBC News

Japan has a reputation of being a homogeneous, mostly harmonious society. There are few foreigners, linguistic differences are rare and on the surface class distinctions are largely absent. But, as...

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