Kaiten zushi

Kaiten Sushi, also known as Kurukuru sushi, is a combination of two Japanese specialties; good food, and technology to make things easy.

What is Kaiten zushi in Japan? Introduction to features suc...

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Man Jailed in Japan for Making Guns With a 3D Printer

A Japanese court on Monday jailed a man for two years for making guns with a 3D printer in what is believed to be a first in a nation with strict gun controls. Yoshitomo Imura, 28, was found guilty...

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The day Shinji Ikari's first time operating Eva-01!

The future, at times, comes faster than we imagine. I you are an Evangelion fan, now we are already in the times of the story.

Attention, EVA fans! June 22 nd 2015, on this fateful day... Finally,...

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What is the definition of Kawaii?

What exactly is kawaii? During the Heian period the author and poet Sei Shonagon, in her seminal work The Pillow Book, defined it as young, innocent and pure. But 1000 years later does that still...

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Hina Matsuri - Calendar 03 - Explore Japan - Kids Web Japan - Web Japan

If you are in Japan around late February, don't forget to check the hina dolls in the department stores!

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Tokyo's best ryokan

There's certainly no shortage of hotels in Tokyo, as travellers can easily find everything from luxury accommodation provided by familiar global brands to the ubiquitous local establishments dottin...

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Taxis in Japan

Many times I have wondered why Tokyo -the capital city of Japan- with more than 33 Million inhabitants, stops public transport around midnight. I come from the city of Potsdam, Germany and even wit...

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The Other Side: What Do Japanese College Students Think of English?

Tofugu readers tend to be dedicated to improving their understanding of Japanese language and culture. So I think many reading this can agree that learning a foreign language can be a reeeeeeal pai...

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Is this the solution to Japan's glut of empty homes? - FT.com

It was once a treasured family home, but by the time Katsutoshi Arai bought it the house was empty - a rubbish-strewn, fly-infested blight on a small Japanese neighbourhood. "It was overflowin...

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