Tokamachi Yuki Matsuri- The Tokamachi Snow Festival/Event/Japan travel tourism guide - Enjoy Niigata

Tokamachi Yuki Matsuri was started in 1950 by the citizens and for the citizens of Tokamachi based on the idea "let's not make snow our enemy, let's make snow our friend." The fireworks t...

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Tsuyu – Rainy Season in Japan

Rainy season -Tsuyu- is approaching Japan and this season doesn’t only bring hot and humid weather, but also beautiful blooming hydrangea and the ripping of the plums. Tsuyu (??) – „plum rain“ indi...

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Five of Japan's most beautiful and unique hidden train stations

Traveling by train in Japan is a fun and scenic experience, and sometimes the journey can be even more enjoyable than the destination. Shinjuku Station in Tokyo might be famous as the busiest in th...

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Nostalgic GIFs of Everyday Life In Japan Animated by Yuuta Toyoi

The swatting of futons being aired out on the balcony. The gentle pitter-patter of rain that falls onto ceramic tile roofs. The chiming crossing gates that holds traffic as trains pass by. If you...

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Throwable Robot Ball Unfolds Legs to Walk

Anyone who has much in the way of experience with robots is painfully aware of their fragility. Robots like Flyability's Gimball deal with this through the creative use of roll cages, which have a ...

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Chiba Special: The Classiest Place in Tokyo to Have Your Shoes Shined
Mikoto Chiba (center) and his two apprentices form the legendary shoe shining group Chiba Special

For the last 18 years a man named Mikoto Chiba has been polishing the shoes of businessmen and ...

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The Ultimate Sushi Glossary ?????

If you are a Sushi-otaku, this is a great link.

The Ultimate Sushi glossary of sushi, fish, squids, roes, and other ingredients, tools, etc. in English, Frenh and German.

read the original article

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Exquisite Paintings of Wildlife by Atsu Harada
Atsu Harada’s “White Ghost” was the winner of the Endangered Wildlife category | click images to enlarge

Late last month the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation announced the awards for their an...

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Bunkyo Bicycle Rental - Kasuga

Cycling is one of the quickest ways to get around Tokyo, and if you don't own your own ride you can always borrow one. Bunkyo Ward has a fleet of 70 electric-assist bicycles that it rents out for ....

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Insane Dishes You Won't Find Outside of Japan

There are tons of ways to have adventure in Tokyo. So it's time to spice up your journey with one of the many insane dishes Japan's cooked up! A specialty in Japan's northernmost prefecture, Hokkai...

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