Statue of elephant Hanako built in Tokyo

A bronze statue of Japan's oldest elephant, Hanako, has been unveiled at a train station in Tokyo.

About 300 people attended a ceremony on Friday in front of JR Kichijoji Station.

The Asian elephan...

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Direct democracy for small villages?

I saw this news story on mainstream media today:

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What to do if there is a missile attack

Get indoors, keep away from windows and switch on the TV. That’s the latest advice from the government on how to prepare for a ballistic missile strike.

Japan has an early-warning system designed t...

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Event to taste various types of jam in Komoro

Jam-lovers tried out many varieties of the fruit spread at a promotional event in the central Japanese city of Komoro on Sunday.

Komoro in Nagano Prefecture is said to be the birthplace of strawber...

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How can I have the right feet massager?

I am planning to buy the best foot massager. But, exactly what are the achievable facts to consider? How could i become more assured about the possible level of quality from it that we can have in ...

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Kite Flying Event

Kite fanciers in central Japan are hard at work crafting giant kites in preparation for traditional aerial battles across a local river. The June event dates back more than 300 years.

Members of a ...

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Plans for Kyushu ‘spamusement park’ progress after campaign raises necessary funds

A city in Kyushu that hosts one of the world’s largest hot-spring resorts has said it will open an amusement park this summer with a hot-tub merry-go-round and other bathing-themed rides following ...

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US court rules against soldier, returns baby to Okinawa mom

Child abduction has long been a concern for U.S. servicemembers and some in Congress, who initially called on Tokyo to ratify the Hague Convention and have since called for tougher enforcement with...

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Tokyo outlines plans for English Village

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has unveiled an outline of a facility designed to boost young people's communication skills in the English language.

The Tokyo government is planning to open the e...

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Govt. to set monthly maximum overtime hours

Japanese business and labor leaders are close to a final agreement on limiting worker's overtime hours.

The Japan Business Federation, or Keidanren, and the country's largest labor organization, Re...

posted by  Yubi | 1 year, 3 months ago | 2 comments


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