Eating Skewers of Yakitori at Tokyo's Memory Lane (or Piss Alley)

Having wandered around, and walked probably the distance of a marathon that day in Tokyo, I needed to sit down for an evening snack. We were in the always bustling business and shopping district of...

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7 Tips for Low Budget Filming in Tokyo - Tokyo Times

Tokyo is an expensive city. However, many films we work on are not big budget monsters. Instead, they are run and gun favors for friends. As such, we end up doing a lot of low-budget shooting on th...

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Kabukicho, Shinjuku: The Do's and Don'ts of Visiting Shinjuku's Red Light District | Meetrip

Discover authentic local culture with Meetrip locals who can show you the wonders of their hometown, far beyond what any guidebook or tour package can show you.

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Death Note (Hollywood version) making progress, gets Adam Wingard as new director

Followers of Japanese manga and anime will no doubt be aware that Death Note has been a highly successful franchise. The story has been made into a series of movies that were big hits here in Japan...

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Huge Gundam Model in Odaiba

This is the world's largest robot model. First displayed in Odaiba Seaside Park in 2009, it is now (hopefully permanently) mounted close to the Palette Town Shopping Mall.

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10 Must-see spots in Kamakura once you are in town!

Kamakura-shi in Kanagawa prefecture is needless to say a well-known tourist attraction.Let us introduce you the must-see places, restaurants and leisure activities in this popular Kamakura. We're s...

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Japanese Surveillance Camera System Can Check 36 Million Faces Per Second

There were several news stories late last week about a new surveillance system by Hitachi Kokusai Electric that the company claims is able to capture a person's face and, in one second, scan some 3...

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Zombie Walk and French Flea Market – Upcoming Events!

? Have you heard of the Zombie Walk? Those organized public events are gatherings of Zombie Fans, dressing up as their favorite undead monsters walking through an urban area. Those walks can be org...

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WalkCar: the World’s Smallest Electric Vehicle That Fits in Your Bag

Move over Segway. Step aside Honda’s Uni-Cub. A Japanese engineer has invented a better way to travel. The WalkCar, developed by 26-year old Kuniaki Sato looks like a laptop. Except when you put ...

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Volcano erupts on Kuchinoerabu Island in Kagoshima Prefecture

A volcano has erupted on Kuchinoerabu Island in Japan's southwest prefecture of Kogashima at 9.59 am local time. The Japanese Meteorological Agency raised the alert level to 5, in which islanders n...

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