3-D printing throws ceramics into a spin | The Japan Times

Cutting-edge 3-D printing technology is changing the dynamics of Japanese ceramics as designers merge the traditional craft with a digital framework in pursuit of aesthetic refinement - and drastic...

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Light Origami: Masakazu Shirane’s Immersive 3D Kaleidoscope Made From 320 Origami Shapes
Image by Destination New South Wales

Now through June 8, 2015, Japanese spatial designer Masakazu Shirane has installed Light Origami, a giant 3D kaleidoscope constructed using over 320 differe...

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Yum! 42 Ramen Recipes on One Amazing Graphic!

Do you remember Fanny? The self-declared noodle freak and California-based designer has experienced a major kickstarter success with her first project, the Ramen Poster. The graphic introduced twen...

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Announcement of the Noodle Set Winners!
? The surveys are closed by now and we want to say Thank you to all of you who gave us such helpful advice and who

took the time to answer the questions! ?

We had 250 participants from 40 differ...

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Japan has just won the World Cup-of robot soccer

The Japanese are now soccer world champions. Robot soccer champions, at least. Some of the most advanced soccer players in the world convened in central China to compete in a grueling competition, ...

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Makoto Asano Carves Smiley Faces Into Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Cups
a bearded smiley face carved from Haagen Dazs’ kinako kuromitsu flavor

Some artists create on canvases. Others use wood. But if the medium presents itself to the artist, it can really be anythi...

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Japan's Monomy wants you to design fashion accessories via smartphone

Monomy is an iOS app that offers an online marketplace for creatives, allowing people to make accessories they like with ease using smartphones. The platform was recently launched by Fun Up, the To...

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Questioning Japanese Creativity: Is Japan Really Creative?

Ukiyo-e. Kabuki. The Shinkansen. Akira Kurosawa. Haruki Murakami. Hello Kitty. Attack on Titan.

So, is Japan really creative? It seems like such a silly question. Why even bother to ask it?

I ima...

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Amusement Parks | The Expat's Guide to Japan

Tokyo and its surroundings are home to more theme and amusement parks than one could ever, as a foreign visitor, imagine. Already the is divided into Tokyo Disney Land and Tokyo Disney Sea, making ...

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Japan's Rakuten Inc launches cheap smartphone service

TOKYO Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten Inc said it will offer a cut-rate smartphone service for about a third of the monthly fees charged by the country's three dominant operators, adding to incre...

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