Nihon Ryouri (??????)! Introduction to Onigiri!

ONIGIRI Part 1; Introduction to Onigiri O-nigiri (??? or ???; ????) or rice ball, is a Japanese food that is made from white rice which are shaped into triangular or oval shape and often wrapped in...

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Japanese distillery will send its whisky to age in space

Suntory, Japan's distillery whose whisky was crowned as world's best in 2014, is sending its beverages into space. In a surprisingly down-to-earth press release, the company focused on its scientif...

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A survival guide for icy territory - Hokkaido Japanese Language School

Let's enjoy the winter in Sapporo without a broken leg ! With a good preparation, everything is absolutely fine. First and obvious advice : buy good shoes which means warm, studded shoes. With a go...

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Naruto themed cafe in Akihabara is where all the ninjas eat

Time and time again we have professed the end of Naruto. While the original manga has certainly finished, there always seems to be something new for Masashi Kishimoto's ninja clans. If you haven't ...

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Sweet, Sweet Success

One could argue that Japanese food is an art form in itself, with chefs taking exceptional pride in food presentation. However, sweets artist Junichi Mitsubori elevates this art form by channeling ...

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Jet Program Culture Shock Part 1: Defining Culture Shock

As you get ready to depart for JET, you’ll be researching a lot of things. Preparing for a new life takes a lot of work. In articles, handouts, guidebooks, and seminars you’ll come across a scary t...

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Japanese Manhole Cover Art by David Robert

It’s no secret that Japanese manhole covers are some of the most intricate and colorful in the world. So French-born designer and illustrator David Robert decided to create replicas; not from cas...

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Tokyo is a common gateway to skiing in Japan. You may have to stay overnight in a Narita airport hotel before a flight to Sapporo Hokkaido the next day, or if you're visiting one of the ski resorts...

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LINIMO, the Mag Lev Train

The Linimo snaking its way across eastern Nagoya In 2005 , Aichi Prefecture was host to the World Expo 2005. To cater to the expected masses, and to comply with the EXPO's theme of ecological co-ex...

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Mizuki Shigeru, master of horror, passes away at age 93
Mizuki Shigeru’s illustration in the NYT, March 20, 2011 | image via

Japan lost a great artist: RIP Mizuki Shigeru, creator of Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro and a master of yokai (Japanese ghosts) and hor...

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