Top Japanese Social Media Networks

Any business that wants to expand to Japan needs to understand the digital landscape there today. Although popular American social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are widely used in Japan,...

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A Japanese Citizen Studying “Abroad” in Her Own Country

Just a couple weeks ago, I graduated college. I’ve been going through a whirlwind of emotions, good-byes and transitions into the “real world.” At the same time, I’ve been reflecting on my past 4 y...

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The Beauty of Japan's Artistic Manhole Covers

All photos courtesy S. Morita Japan is a country full of amazing art. Some of it is housed within museums and galleries while others are right underneath our feet. I'm talking, of course, about Jap...

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Accommodation in Japan: Share Houses | Surviving in Japan: (without much Japanese)

For some folks, finding a place to live in Japan can be a challenge, particularly if you don't speak Japanese fluently. I'll be addressing this more in the coming months in terms of finding and ren...

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There Are Many Ways To Hold Chopsticks In Japan, Here Are Some Unique Ways

There are several different ways to hold your chopsticks in Japan, here are some examples. Regular: International Style: Masculine Grip: Phoenix: Daimyo: Mount Fuji: Human Kindness, First Love: Gal...

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Ashigaru – Japan’s Overlooked And Underappreciated Warriors

Samurai get too much credit. Japan’s foot soldiers, the ashigaru, started as nothing more than farmers pulled from the fields to swell a daimyo’s army. Yet as time passed they became a professional...

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Photorealistic Pencil Portraits of Woman by Kei Meguro

Kei Meguro is a Tokyo-born illustrator and graphic designer. After moving to NY for art school she settled down in Brooklyn where she’s not only cultivated her photorealistic aesthetic but also e...

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Angel Beats! PC Game Scheduled for May 29 Release

Angel Beats PC - the game version of popular manga "Angel Beats" was released on June 26th, a month later than the announced date.

Promotional video also unveiled for visual novel where ...

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Pachinko Parlors

Nik Yasko examines Japan's popular punt Listen to the real sounds of pachinko Read more on Pachinko Commonly mistranslated as 'vertical pinball,' pachinko is a noisy, smoky, time-consuming, and hyp...

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The Most Awesomest Store in Japan! Don Quixote Akihabara

Follow the arrow and the penguin. You're about to have a shopping experience with no comparison! Right off the escalator (the real store starts on the second floor), you'll see seasonal merchandise...

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