Japanese Chalkboard Maker Holds Contest for Best Student Chalkboard Art
chalkboard art of Mt. Fuji created by 2 students at Mito Sakuranomaki High School in Ibaraki | click images to enlarge

Over the past 2-3 years there’s been an increasingly popular trend amongst...

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Akihabara Online

Akihabara online is a website that is dedicated for introducing shops in Akihabara to both locals and foreigners. The site provides English and Chinese version for the benefit of non-Japanese visi...

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Ronin| Globus Artist-In-Residence Program

(English to follow)

Spoon & Tamago????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????...

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Japan's First Robots Are Older Than You Think

The Aibo, Asimo, even Gundam-robotics are a national institution of Japan. However, robotics started there far earlier than most folks realize. Karakuri ningyo (roughly "mechanized dolls"...

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Japan centenarian population hits record 60,000

The number of people aged 100 and above has hit 60,000 in Japan this year, as the country faces spiralling social and health expenses to look after its legions of retirees. The population of centen...

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Day Care Options in Japan - Savvy Tokyo

Much has been made of Prime Minister Abe's plan to do away with childcare waiting lists in Japan by adding spots for 400,000 children by 2017, but for now there is a shortage of day care in many ar...

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25 Reasons To Join The JET Program (And 8 Reasons Not To)

If you’re reading this, you must have some kind of interest in the JET Program. This isn’t a decision to be made lightly, though. As a JET alumni myself, I’ve experienced (and heard stories of) the...

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Interview: SCANDAL

All-female Japanese rock group formed in 2006 when high school girls Haruna Ono, Mami Sasazaki, Tomomi Ogawa and Rina Suzuki would play live performances in Osaka Castle Park until they were signed...

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Now Open: The New Oita Prefectural Art Museum Designed by Shigeru Ban
all photos courtesy of Shigeru Ban Architects | click to enlarge

“It is meaningless to build an art museum if you are going to imitate others,” says Ryu Niimi, director of the new Oita Prefectu...

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Akihabara, Tokyo Photo Stroll

Japan Lover gives you a photo tour on what to see in Akihabara.

read the original article

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