Harajuku Guide

Takeshita-dori Street, Harajuku, Tokyo Green and pleasant Harajuku is Tokyo's most established center of street fashion. While other areas rival it in terms of hip, Harajuku still reigns when it come…

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Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes: Japanese Anatomy Vocabulary 101

You know what’s more embarrassing than falling on your butt in front of everyone in Japan? Not knowing how to say butt in the first place.

You know what’s more anxiety-inducing than giving a speech …

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Granbell: A New Design Hotel Opens In Shibuya
the main lobby of the newly renovated Grandbell Hotel Shibuya | all photos by Nacasa & Partners

Want to stay in room that only comes to life when the lights are turned down? What about a room…

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Japanese robot vacuum cleaner that chats to you as it cleans the carpet - and even texts you pictures of your home

These small cleaning robots are getting more and more popular, especially among girls and women who stay alone.

You can even control Cocorobo from your iPhone and ask it questions A new Japanese rob…

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Retro gaming on Akihabara Electric Town tour dangerousprototypes.com

If you are a fan of retro games (console/famikon/PC), Super Potato is the place to go.

In an ode to Sjaak's experience hacking retro games, Tayken took us on a wild tour of Super Potato. This store …

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Tsukiji: The world's largest, busiest fish market content.time.com

The world's largest, busiest fish market has long been a favorite destination for jet-lagged tourists with predawn hours to fill. But the main reason for going at 5 a.m. is to catch the live tuna auc…

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Henn-na Hotel: World’s First Fully Robot-Staffed Hotel Opens in Japan www.spoon-tamago.com

In Japan there’s now a hotel you can stay in without ever having to deal with another human being. Instead, robot attendants – a miniature, a humanoid and a dinosaur – will greet you and check you in…

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Tokyo bans drones in public parks weeks after radioactive quadcopter lands on prime minister's roof www.techinasia.com

Yes, you read that correctly. In a classic case of one idiot ruining the fun for everyone else, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government today banned the use of radio-controlled helicopters and drones in al…

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Online banking thefts hit Japan firms prompting compensation rethink www.reuters.com

Hackers stole nearly $2 million from the online bank accounts of Japanese businesses in April, a surge in theft that has prompted some banks to curtail online services and rethink compensation polici…

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PSA: What If 17th Century Samurai Had Smartphones? www.japantimes.co.jp

We’ve all been told of the perils of walking while texting. And yet we do it anyway. In fact, the problem only seems to worsen. But what if edo-period samurai had smartphones? Well, a humorous public…

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