Amazon Japan's manga-centric Kindle is all about storage

Japanese comics, called manga, are hugely popular. Although you probably knew that, you probably don't know the extent of it. In 2015, Japan's bestselling manga series, One Piece, sold more than 14 m…

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New pikachu anime trailer

In a forest somewhere in the Kanto Region, there was a Pichu who was all alone. When this Pichu was still just a young child, it met someone, but then they parted ways. This happened a short while be…

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Legendary Horror Manga Writer Junji Ito's Most Chilling Works Will Become an Anime Anthology

If you’re familiar with Japanese horror, you’ve probably heard about the work of Junji Ito—the author behind viral horror stories like The Enigma of Amigara Fault and Uzumaki.
Now, some of his most f…

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Bandai Namco reveals launch date for Dragon Ball Z: Karakot

In January earlier this year, Bandai Namco announced that it was working on yet another game in the Dragon Ball Z universe, under the working title Dragon Ball Game – Project Z.
Dragon Ball Z: Kakaro…

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Tokyo Game Show 9/14~9/15

Today is the first press day for this year’s Tokyo Game Show (the four-day expo won’t be open to the public until Saturday).

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Dream Job: Studio Ghibli Is Looking For People To Work In Japan

if you're good at Japanese and 2D animation, the Studio has just published a job offer for a digital artist. The skills required are quite classic for this type of post: you should be aged over 20 an…

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Avengers Endgame Characters Rendered in Ukiyo-e Style by Illustrator Takumi

Avengers Endgame, the culmination of the 22-film story, is hitting theaters in the U.S. this week and anticipation among fans is high. One of those fans happens to be Japanese illustrator Takumi, who…

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5 Romance Anime to Fill the Current ‘Your Name’ Void

Fans worldwide are going into anime withdrawal, itching for their next Makoto Shinkai fix. While Shinkai teased in a vague tweet that his next film is set to release sometime in 2019, not much more i…

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New Anime Museum Opens In Tokyo

Iconic anime studio Toei Animation is opening a new museum later this month. It’s located in Tokyo and called Toei Animation Museum.

Toei, of course, is responsible for the One Piece, Dragon Ball, Ga…

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Anime Expo 2018: Cosplay culture puts on dedicated display for event opener

Anime Expo 2018, Los Angles got off to a great start with long lines of eager fans filing into the downtown Los Angeles Convention Center earlier in July to fill the event space corner-to-corner with…

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