RidRoid CanguRo is a kangaroo-inspired robotic personal mobility vehicle www.japantrends.com

Unveiled this week, the RidRoid CanguRo is a new robotic three-wheel personal mobility vehicle developed by Shunji Yamanaka from the University of Tokyo and Takayuki Furuta of the Future Robotics Tec…

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Softbank, Baidu units tie up to bring autonomous buses to Japan english.kyodonews.net

A subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corp. and a Japan unit of China's internet search giant Baidu Inc. said Wednesday they have tied up to tap into the Japanese self-driving bus market.

Under the agreemen…

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The Amazing Psychology of Japanese Train Stations www.citylab.com

It is a scene that plays out each weekday morning across Tokyo. Suit-clad office workers, gaggles of schoolchildren, and other travelers gamely wend their way through the city’s sprawling rail statio…

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Signs at Shinjuku Station are being improved www3.nhk.or.jp

Hundreds of signs at Shinjuku Station in Tokyo are being replaced to provide travelers with directions that are easier to follow.

Railway and metropolitan government officials have received complaint…

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Nissan and Renault in talks to merge and form a new company, say reports www.independent.co.uk

The two firms formed an alliance in 1999, and describe it as a “buffer to protect its partners during regional downturns”.

However, the groups are now in discussions about a possible merger that woul…

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We know some of you out there have pretty trick Honda Groms, and the odd tweaked-up Monkey bike. But we're saying that this chassis kit is the absolute top of the tree for minibike fettlers. Not only…

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78 flights to and from Fukuoka canceled www3.nhk.or.jp

Officials at Fukuoka Airport in southern Japan have canceled a total of 78 flights to and from the airport due to the temporary closure of a runway. This happened because a plane that landed there ha…

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Japan reveals a ‘Supreme’ version of its bullet train www.theverge.com

Japan has unveiled a ‘Supreme’ prototype version of its 186 mph Shinkansen bullet train which features a sharper nose profile, power sockets for every seat, and light-up luggage racks. According to J…

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Airport Express www3.nhk.or.jp

At Narita and Kansai International Airports, railways providing access into the city must constantly offer better services at lower prices to maintain their market share. JR East's "Narita Express" a…

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Honda's Urban EV Concept is even more adorable in the flesh www.theverge.com

Honda’s pugnacious Urban EV Concept made its second auto show appearance ever here at Geneva this week, and it’s just as adorable and retro as it seemed when it debuted in Frankfurt last year. Not to…

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